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Candace Lloyd

Cultural Facilitator & Consultant

Preferred Pronouns: she/her/hers

Candace Lloyd is a Métis Traditional Knowledge Holder with roots in historical Métis communities of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Ontario.  Candace grew up closely connected to her Métis culture, traditions, heritage, and community values. She is a citizen of the Métis Nation of Ontario and resides in the region of High Land Waters Métis Community.

Candace is a retired nurse of 27 years and a Medicine Woman. She is a certified teacher in Ontario and a cultural facilitator. Candace is currently a Master Candidate in Education at Queen’s University with a focus on the Elder/Learner relationship as it applies to student success.

Candace is a community builder. She accomplishes this by utilizing the knowledge, skills, and perspectives acquired through her formal education, and professional experience, as well as through her deep community involvement. Her goal is to explore and utilize innovative approaches to community-based research approaches, evaluation, and workshop facilitation that promotes effective Indigenous Non-Indigenous collaboration and understanding. Candace is a passionate public speaker, talented facilitator, and strong advocate. She works with the community at heart and is guided by her ancestors who led before her while being mindful of the generations of leaders who will come behind her.

Candace Lloyd (she/her/hers): TeamMember
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